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Coolant Pump For Drilling Machines Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

“PHULSONS ” range of immiscible pumps have been designed especially for filtering systems in the machine tool industry. The low-pressure pumps are available in different flow variants and come with a choice of bottom suction or suction from the top of the volute. The compact Coolant Pump For Drilling Machines efficiently transport liquid containing chips, fibers and abrasive particles on to the filtering unit. Semi – open impellers allow the passing of chips up to 10 mm, making the pumps ideal for removing liquid from any machining process- from boring and milling to grinding.
  • Standard Coolant pumps.
    Coolant pumps with DC motor
  • Coolant pumps with flame proof motor.
  • Coolant pumps with “C E” and “ UL” Mark Motor
  • Custom built coolant pumps for different lengths
  • Very high discharged pump
  • Very high head pump / High pressure pump.
  • Pumps in special material like stainless steel, bronze, PP, alloy – 20 etc.
  • Multistage Coolant pumps.
  • Coolant pump without stem.
  • Coolant pump for oil (gear type)
    Coolant pump for oil (gear type).
  • Submersible coolant pumps
  • Max discharge up to 1000 LPM.
  • Max pressure up to 21 bar.
  • Max length up to 1500 mm.
  • Max HP up to 20 HP .
  • Max outlet size up to 4”.
  • Max temp up to 240 C .
    Max Size of chips up to 15 mm.
  • Material or construction – CI / SS / Alloy 20 / PP /bronze etc
  • Carefully chosen materials ensure trouble free operation and long life. The top of the pump is made of
    cast iron, while the impeller is available in composite bronze./aluminum/engineering plastic etc are
    used in pumps with flow up to 1000 l/min. In the bigger pumps with higher flow the impellers are made
    of bronze to ensure perfect resistance e.g metal chips. As the pumped liquid will always contain oil
    there is no risk of corrosion.
  • Easy installation is another of the benefits of the Coolant Pump For Drilling Machines. The tank –mounting flange dimentions have been carefully designed to ensure that even replacement of compacting products can be carried out without any inconvenience no special tools are required to the installation of the coolant pumps – just as the entire range is easily serviced and cleaned.
  • In addition to the range for filtering systems, we offers a wide range of pumps for the cooling and
    cleaning of tools inside the machine. This allows our customers the benefit of convenient and time
    –saving one stop shopping.
  • Available in very wide range.
  • High flexibility of design.
  • Availability in any type of material like cast iron,SS-316,SS-304,bronze,Alloy – 20 Etc..
  • Balanced shaft & rotor with excellent grade stamping and wire so highly efficient motor .
  • Totally noiseless operation.
  • Available in any length and for any liquid.
  • TC/Carbon seal for high pressure
  • Stainless steel bowls and impellers for long life also available with PP construction
  • Large stock, earliest delivery
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