Coolant Pumps

Precision coolant pumps for industrial temperature control and performance optimization.

Water Meters

Accurate water measurement solutions for effective resource management and consumption tracking.

Pressure Booster System

Boost water pressure seamlessly with our advanced Pressure Booster System.

Mud Pump

Powerful and durable mud pumps for efficient handling in industrial applications.

About This Company

Welcome to Tough Engisol – Your Trusted Partner for Cutting-Edge Coolant Pumps and Pumping Equipment in Ahmedabad! We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of coolant pumps and other products. We have been in operation since 2013. Meeting the nation’s demand has aided our growth today.

At Tough Engisol, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality Coolant Pumps and Water Meters in Ahmedabad. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for businesses seeking top-notch solutions for their industrial fluid management needs.

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With over 15 years of experience under our hard hat, we partner with owners and design professionals to build high-quality projects. Over the years, Builderry has built relationships with the industry’s top craftsmen, suppliers, and subcontractors, all of whom adhere to our high standards of quality.

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As a provider for complex steel structures, we can procure, manufacture and assemble tailor made solutions. Customers approach us because they know that we can handle and machine. assemble tailor made components and solutions driving.



Our vision is to be the preferred supplier to our customers and, by being preferred supplier, to improve their competitive power. We strive to become and to remain the preferred supplier to all our customers, because this is how we can identify.

1955 - From Birth to a Period of Growth

Nippon Gakki Hamana Factory established in Hamakita-cho (present Hamamatsu city), Hamana-gun, Shizuoka Pref and production of our first product, the 125cc Yamaha motorcycle “YA-1” begins.

1970 - Creation of Demand and New Business

Yamaha Motor Canada Limited (YMCA) founded in Canada. Signed joint venture agreement with Brunswick Co. (U.S.) and Brunswick invests in Sanshin Industries.

2000 - Opening up Limitless Worlds of Potential

Yamaha builds temporary pool “Suimu 21” for the main competition pool of the 9th World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, Japan Yamaha succeeds in the high-concentration mass culturing.

2010 - Moving further with global operations and monozukuri reforms

Medium-term management plan with central pillars of structural reform and growth strategies announced. Start of increased manufactuaring of Japanese boats to assist Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts.

Refer to the statistics of our company. Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.


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We take pride in our meticulously designed and standardized
operations, underpinned by a cutting-edge infrastructure. Our facilities
are thoughtfully equipped with the latest machinery and advanced
equipment, ensuring seamless maintenance and servicing of different
units. We are committed to efficiency, and our infrastructure is a
testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch Coolant Pumps and
Water Meters.

Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Gaurang Shah, Tough Engisol has not
only garnered a vast clientele across the nation but has also made its
mark on the global stage. Our commitment to quality and excellence
transcends borders, and we take pride in serving industries worldwide.
The leadership’s strategic vision has propelled Toughengisol into a
position of trust and reliability in the international market.

Our Teams

The team has consulted on a number of new development projects in New York. They offer guidance on navigating all stages of development.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.

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