15mm, Single jet Class B

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An inferential, single jet, super dry, straight reading type, hermetically sealed water meter with magnetic drive.


Conforms to ISO 4064, Class B

Conforms to ISO 4064, Class B


Remote reading facility/pulse output available on request.

Accuracy 15mm
Starts Reoistration at 14
Lower limit of flow, Qmin l/h ±5% 30
Transitional flow, Qt l/h ±2°/o 120
Nominalflow, Qn l/h ±2°/o 1500
Maximumflow, Qmax l/h ±2°/o 3000
Test pressure MPa 2
Temperature suitabiltity oc 50°C
Dialregistration kl 99999
Smallest reading I 02
Description 15mm
Meter thread l"BSP
End connection threads 3/4"BSP
Length of meter with coupling 245
Length of meter without coupling L 108
Height H 75
Width B 81
Weight with coupling 0.506 kg

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